Fibromyalgia Treatment Program

We offer a 16 week intensive program for appropriate candidates. Our treatments for Fibromyalgia are based on the latest research, and continually advancing as new research becomes available. Our treatment approach combines medical treatments with functional medicine, dietary and lifestyle coaching, physical rehabilitation based pain management, alternative therapies, and whatever else your unique case requires.  Below are some commonly used treatments at CFC.

Treatment of Fibromyalgia is directed at reducing the major symptoms of the disorder including widespread pain, fatigue, insomnia and cognitive dysfunction. Opiate medications have not been proven to be effective for Fibromyalgia and are generally not indicated. 
Hormone Management
Hormone status is evaluated by taking a look at the combination of laboratory test results and clinical presentation. Hormones will then be monitored, and when appropriate, managed with prescription hormone replacement. 
Trigger Point Injections
Trigger points are sensitive areas in muscles that tend to stimulate more widespread musculoskeletal pain. They are often associated with spasm, inflammation, and nodules and/or taut bands. CFC provides non-steroidal trigger point injections as an option to decrease pain and associated radiation. 
Physical Rehabilitation
A variety of methods are offered to address the physical changes caused by Fibromylagia. Both active and passive therapies including massage, chiropractic, myofascial release therapy, dry needling, vacuum cupping, gua sha and post isometric relaxation in addtion to prescribed therapeutic stretches and exercises are options to improve muscle and connective tissue quality and function. 
Intravenous Micronutrient Therapy
Intravenous(IV) micronutrient therapy is used as "functional medicine" (stimulating a body response through the use of natural agents), and to deliever nutrients to the body while bypassing the digestive system. CFC utilizes a modified Myer's cocktail to provide physiological doses of nutrients to boost metabolism and immune function.
Dietary & Lifestyle Modifications
CFC provides coaching on proven dietary approaches for Fibromylagia and general healthy living. We also focus heavily on lifestyle modification including stress management, physical activity pacing and goal setting. 

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